Crash's Level Up Services

Crash's Level Up Services (CRASHLVLUP)

The first and possibly best level up service around!

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To use it just send a friend request and use the following commands:

!owner - shows owner;
!stats - shows the current amount of sets/keys
!prices - shows our prices;

!level [number] - calculate how many sets are needed for desired level and cost;
!check - shows craftable sets and prices;
!check [number] - shows how many sets and what level you would reach for a specific amount of CS:GO keys;

!buy/!buycs [number] - use to buy sets for that number of CSGO keys;
!buyhydra [number] - like !buy, but for CSGO Operation Hydra keys;
!buytf [number] - like !buy, but for TF2 keys;
!buygems [number] - like !buy, but for GEMS;
!buyany [number] - random sets (not checking badges);

!sellcheck - show information about the set(s) you can sell
!sell/!sellcs [number] - sell your sets for CSGO Keys
!sellhydra [number] - sell your sets for CSGO Operation Hydra Keys
!selltf [number] - sell your sets for TF2 Keys
!sellgems [number] - sell your sets for gems
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