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Welcome to DotaX2 Steam group! Enjoy our games and compete againts your friends!
This group was created to connect the gaming community, And it works independently, not related to any website.

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Enjoy your stay!

DotaX2 headquarters wishing you the best of luck!

• 1. No spamming.

• 2. No begging.

• 3. No advertising.

• 4. No abusing CAPS LOOK.

• 5. No trading/selling/buying.

• 6. Please do not spam posting promo codes.

• 7. Please do not Harass members; this includes personal attacks.

• 8. No Spoilers.

• 9. No Sharing scripts.

• 10. Please do not use the incorrect language.

• 11. Please do not advertise external websites or other groups within the Steam™ community without first consulting a group officer.

• 12. No PORN / GORE Image links, No linking to HACKS, KEYGENS or PIRATED CONTENT (Instant ban - poses threat to users)

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