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CSGODoubleGG Official

CSGODouble is back?!

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What is CSGODoubleGG?
CSGODouble.GG is a website in which users can play with coins (no monetary value) in order to win skins and have fun while doing so! The site is ran by most of the same staff team that worked on the old double, so much of what you see on the site is the same.

Any news regarding this site like future updates will be posted here.

When you play on the site you have the option to play your coins on the colors red or black for a chance at winning x2 your coins. You also have the option to take a bit more risk and bet on the color green for a chance at winning x14. When you want to stop you can go to the withdraw page and trade your coins for skins.

250 Free Coins
If you would like to play on our site for free you are able to go to the 'Free Coins' tab on the site and enter in a code that will give you 250 free coins to play with.

If you have any questions regarding the site please comment on the group or talk to one of the 'Officers' of this steam group, they can be found on the 'members' page. Their names are Aidxn, Pab^z and ceMo. We will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are having real problems on the site for example balance/withdraw issues please refer to the 'Support' page on the site itself. The support page provides you with answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions that we receive on the site so if you are waiting for a reply from the staff or if you have a problem we recommend you go here and check it out first.

10000 Coin Daily Giveaway
If you have CSGODouble.gg in your steam name and are a member of this group then everyday you will automatically go into the draw to win 10000 coins on the site! Winners chosen randomly out of the name database. Make sure "CSGODouble.gg" is in your name.

Yes there will be definitely be giveaways here! Stay tuned if you want to win some $

Thank you guys please enjoy your stay. <3

-From the team at CSGODouble.gg


Please be aware of other groups with the name CSGODouble.gg and scammers/impersonators of the CSGODouble.gg staff. Never will any of the staff or officers in this group ask you for your skins or giveaway winnings back.

Site Veterans/Steam group officers:
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