Duped Or Not is a brand new giveaway site!

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Welcome to Duped or Not!

How does this group work? What are all those announcements for?

Duped or Not is a Steam Group for the website
At Duped or not you can get free Steam Keys as soon as you complete 1-3 mini tasks such as following someone on Twitter or joining a Steam Group like this one.

After you did those tasks you will get rewarded with a full product on Steam, like a real full game or sometimes even with DLCs!
You will be given a Steam Key that you can redeem on Steam.

So basically you follow some people on social media and in return you get free paid games on Steam, now you can expand your library as cheap as possible, its free!

Keep in mind, At Duped or Not you may sometime get a key that doesn't work, that's why there is such a small amount of tasks.

Read our Terms and Conditions on the site before using our website.
If you need any help, just place a comment below!

Mail [email protected] to talk about launching a giveaway with us, growing your business, advertising and other related subjects!
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