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Welcome to the Official Group for Monster Hunter World

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Hello Hunters of the World!

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Member Goal
☑ 500
☑ 1,000
☑ 2,000
☑ 3,000
☑ 4,000
☑ 5,000
☑ 10,000
☑ 11,000
☑ 12,000
☑ 13,000
☑ 14,000
☑ 15,000
☑ 20,000
☑ 25,000
☑ 30,000

Who are we?
We're a community of hunters, playing monster hunter world! Feel free to join if you love Monster Hunter!

What is Monster Hunter World?
Monster Hunter World is a role-playing video game in development and to be published by Capcom. It is the fifth primary title in their Monster Hunter franchise.

It is the newest and most graphically detailed game in the Monster Hunter Series that came out in early august, 2018. More information can be found through the provided links below.

Current Moment
Enjoying the now released Monster Hunter: Iceborne Expansion!

Vision for the Group
The Vision of this group is to bring the Monster Hunter Veterans, Fans and even the newer people to the Franchise of Monster Hunter into a community that is ready to hunt and play together.
This group will serve as a way for people to get new friends, look for people to play with, ask questions or get help for whatever they need...etc. It is our hope that this group becomes a home to hundreds of Monster Hunters and ultimately for everyone to enjoy themselves.
Note: Monster Hunter Gathering Hall group is for all monster hunter games in the franchise, but only MHW is on steam.

Note, giving out suggestions to further enhance this group for the MH Community here would be greatly appreciated, also to be prepared to hopefully be the primary steam group for Monster Hunter World, will be most helpful. Please send all suggestions to the Suggestions Forum here in the Discussions.

Want to Support?
Would you like to support the group by sharing and inviting your friends to this group? or Sharing it on the Discussions of Steam? Or Reddit, GameFAQS? Any help to further share the group's existence will be better for everyone in the long run!

Other Links
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⚔ Enjoy & Have fun
⚔ Help others
⚔ Don't cheat
⚔ No harrassment or personal attacks
⚔ No NSFW or suggestive content
⚔ No spamming
⚔ No advertisements or self-promotion
⚔ Be respectful

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