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We are not your usual eSports Organization. You better bet we aren't!! Unlike other mainstream organizations, iShock instead gains attention by utilizing unique marketing tools that allow us to unite with the CS:GO community. In other words, we do not mainly focus on hiring professional players (although we plan on hiring in the future).

What is our mission? We want to get as personal as possible with CS:GO players – aiming to develop individualized and special relationships with each member and supporter. The purpose of this approach is to discover what each player aspires to have outside of his or her online gaming experience. In order to accomplish our mission, surveys and questionnaires will be created upon gaining enough members, in hopes of evolving according to the needs and wants of our community.

We think innovatively and prospectively. We believe that the current CS:GO community is extremely valuable as it plays a vital role in the future expansion of the fast-growing online gaming industry. You all are a part of its growth. In light of this, we aim to diversify iShock by including other games in the future as our presence and influence grow.

“It´s better to try and fail than to never try and never succeed.”

And finally, we expect that many young players will become involved in the gaming industry. Therefore, stemming from our Christian faith, we strive to lead by example by upholding absolute integrity and upright values in all aspects of iShock in order to positively influence the present and future online gaming generations.

You can expect only the best. Come and be a part of iShock RISING.

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