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BabyGroot LEVEL UP SERVICE is the fastest and cheapest way to level UP your Steam profile.

BabyGroot LEVEL UP SERVICE - bot 1

BabyGroot LEVEL UP SERVICE - bot 3 - This bot with common games

What is this group?
  • this group is intended for those who want to raise their level of Steam account, or exchange your existing sets that you do not need for personal use.
Why use our service better?
  • this is convenient - you can find out in advance how many sets you need to reach the level you need, the bot itself searches for badges that it has in stock and which you have not yet written, it saves a lot of time.
  • this is beneficial - the exchange rates offered by us are more profitable than if you bought or sold cards on the market.

What do I need to know about Steam levels and trading cards?

  • Having a higher level will place you at higher places at your friends profile

  • Each crafted badge gives you 100XP, a random emoticon and profile background from that game, also a chance to get a discount coupon for using at Steam Store

  • Each level increases your friend list limit by 5

  • Every 10 levels unlocks a new showcase slot for your profile customization

  • Every 10 levels increases your chance of booster pack drops by 20%

You may always check Steam official F.A.Q. about levels and trading cards here

Quick start
  1. Add any bot as a friend and write to him in the message any of the commands

  2. Use !check chat command to see how many sets are avaliable for your profile

  3. Use !buy [amount of CS:GO keys] chat command and you'll instantly receive a trade offer exchanging sets for CS:GO keys - e.g. !buy 2. Also you can use !buytf and !buygems

  4. After checking and accepting the trade offer, you may craft your badges and level UP immediately!


Main chat commands - check full list by using !help

!help - show full list of commands

!check - show how many unique badges you can buy at the moment

!price - show current bot prices

!buy [amount of CS:GO keys] - use to buy that amount of CS:GO keys for sets, following the current BOT rate

!buytf and !buygems same as !buy but with other currencies



Read the full F.A.Q. at discussions

BabyGroot LEVEL UP SERVICE - bot 1
BabyGroot LEVEL UP SERVICE - bot 3
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