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Welcome to ONEcharity!

As a part of giving back, we decided to create a project where gamers will be able to help out others gamers by giving back. Anyone can give back - you, me, a friend of yours or a member of your family that has a spare game code lying around and doesn’t plan redeeming it for their personal use. There will be a team of generous gamers that will post a code in the comment section whenever they feel like doing so and one lucky of you will be able to redeem the code for their use. If you feel like you could contribute to give a game or two away, we will be happy to accept your helping hand.
We hope that ONEcharity will become a community of kind-hearted people that love helping others out and that at least one gamer finds what they are
looking for here.

We wish the best of luck to everyone and let’s hope our community grows the correct way!
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