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This group is being renamed to JuicePunch.net, stay tuned.

Welcome to the official Moat Gaming Steam Group!

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🤖 Discord: https://moat.gg/discord
📜 Forums: https://moat.gg/forums
💸 Store: https://moat.gg/store
🏄 Interns: https://moat.gg/interns
👺 Bans: https://moat.gg/bans

🙏 Our Philosophy 🙏

🙉 We love a place where we can chat with friends without negativity.
🙈 We encourage new friendships, laughs, smiles, happy memories, and positive attitudes.
🙊 Whether you're new, aging, or old, please be considerate of how others will feel before you press the enter key after your words.

🙃 Have fun
But don't have fun at the expense of someone else's

😜 We can't read minds
Share your thoughts if you're comfortable with hearing others

😎 You're awesome
Treat other people like they're fantastic as well

🎮 Some Background 🎮

Moat Gaming is an online gaming community that thrives to provide an enjoyable and awesome experience for every player. We've been around since late 2013 and have grown massively supplying each user with a fresh and friendly environment for online interaction. We are expanding every day, often bringing and creating new features/content for users to explore and interact with. We currently run game servers on Garry's Mod, an open source sandbox video game ran off of the source engine.

Our TTT servers bring a new and exciting experience to TTT like never before. We currently offer a unique inventory, loadout, trading, item stats, and shop system for users to enjoy and interact with. At the end of every round, players have a chance to receive new items/weapons, each with their own random variables defining the stats on the item. These items/weapons can be equipped for the player to use the next round and are permanently in the inventory until deconstructed or traded away!
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