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Our website - It's a magazine items from CS:GO. We guarantee opportunity to win rare and very rare skins from CS:GO (Classified, Covert. Knifes). At the same time we declare that we are not a lottery and (We believe that this statements are false, deceptive, and aimed at cheating players, in order to enrich).
Our service provides you opportunity to win a rare item on your steam account through opening a CS:GO cases. All the prizes we are sending automatically, without delay. The problem with recieving an item could be if you have got a trade ban. But your skins will be waiting for you on our bots. When trade ban will past, you can request your items again from your private cabinet on our website. Wish you luck in case opening on antiskins

Want just to get skins or promotional codes?

Then participate in the contests!

Rules of engagement:
• Subscribe to a group in steam.
• The presence of live during the debriefing.
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